Life is a journey, not a destination...
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rowland splits his time among a few life-adventures, all swimming in the same stream of faith and missional practices. An owner of Third Space Coffee, a community intersection and intentional missional business model, Lead Curator of Ecclesia Colorado Springs faith community, Director of Forge Colorado Springs missional training hub, and Pastor of Missional Culture at Pulpit Rock Church in Colorado Springs.


Rowland is a father of four (Carson, Will, Kitty and Jia) and has been married to Kitty Smith for over 23 years. They live in Monument, Colorado (just north of Colorado Springs) after starting their journey from Little Rock, Arkansas, via San Jose, California.

Rowland is an avid fly-fisherman, restores vintage automobiles when time allows, and loves to play guitar and lead worship as well.